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Since 2005, ROCKSTAR TATTOO located in St. Charles, Missouri, has been the premier place to go for tattoos and piercings.

Hospital-Grade Equipment

Unlike other tattoo shops in the area, we guarantee nothing but the best hospital-grade equipment in the industry. All the tools are sterilized to prevent problems, and our tattoo shop undergoes weekly tests to ensure the equipment is sterile.

Raising the Bar

Our experienced, courteous city and state certified tattooists and piercist have worked together to raise the bar when it comes to professional, yet clean tattooing and piercing services. Trust us to give you an original piece of art you are sure to love for a lifetime.


Decorating More than Your Body

While we enjoy making bodies into works of art, we have done the same with our shop. Currently, our tattoo shop features paintings from various local artists, as well as tattoo artwork to match our environment.

An Experienced Piercer

Matt Flowers, owner of ROCKSTAR TATTOO, is an experienced piercer who has worked in the industry for approximately 10-years. While he specializes in classic piercings, he also offers a wide array of exotic piercings. He's even experienced in micro-dermal anchor surface piercings.

As the owner, Flowers stresses quality. Due to his and his team's commitment and dedication, they have continued their business, while satisfying the customers that walk through the door.

Call our tattoo shop today to schedule an appointment and let's turn your body into a creative piece of one-of-a-kind artwork.

Hours of Operation:
Monday–Saturday, 12 p.m.–9 p.m.